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commercial interruption. first, continuing coverage of breaking news from west virginia. disaster in a coal mine and the ongoing rescue effort to save lives. plus, in-depth tonight. inside what's being called america's bullying epidemic. >> she was getting bullied. >> i think it's very sad; very sad. >> >> shepard: it happens in schools all across the nation. >> i did bullying him. >> kids picking on classmates, teasing them, pushing them to their breaking points. >> they would knock books out of his hands in school. >> now i wish i could take it back. >> they attacked his self-esteem. they attacked his physical appearance. >> tonight, the frightening truth about children bullied to death and jonathan hunt hosts a special live chat from florida. plus, it hit with devastating force. >> you couldn't even walk outside. everything was moving. >> shepard: everywhere you look, evidence of its power. tonight, inside the aftermath of the easter sunday earthquake. first, continuing coverage of news breaking now. at least six people are confirmed dead after an explosion at a coal mine in west virgini
. we're following up on our top story a deadly mine explosion in west virginia, let's get a life update now, good evening, molly. >> hi, jim. there are six dead, 21 unaccounted for at upper big branch mine in west virginia about 30 miles south of the capitol of charleston. the state mine director says it happened at 3:00 this afternoon. emergency rescue crews that are trained in mine rescues are rush together scene. this is an underground coal mine operated by performance coal company. operations started at upper big branch in 19946789 and last year, producinging 1.2 million tons of coal. the west virginia gazette newspaper says about 200 people work that mine. as far as accident history at upper big branch a miner killed in july, 2003 in an electrical accident and another in 2001 after falling from a roof top. but over all, massy energy which operates mines in west virginia, virginia and kentucky said it had its best year ever last year as far as coming to safety. and again, jim just headline now there are six dead, 21 unaccounted for at the upper big branch mine in west virginia after
and sports. this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m., on your side. >> breaking news of west virginia where a coal mine explosion has occurred. six people are dead and 21 are unaccounted for. it happened in raleigh karr county. -- in raleigh counted. -- raleigh county good >>> news for miners there were trapped underground for eight days. just two days ago, rescuers heard tapping sounds from inside the flooded mine. some of the miners a tree bark and drank filthy water to survive. another 38 miners are believed to be trapped. >> if you were driving in our area, expects an overnight lane closures for the next cple of months. the virginia department of transportation is repairing and paving lanes of southbound 95 between rte. 1 and the fairfax county parkway. multiple lanes will be closed between 9:00 m. and 5:00 a.m.. this will last until mid june. a deal hot new item is the ipad. thousands of birds sold this weekend alone. apple said that new owners had already downloaded over 1 million applications and more than 250,000 electronic books. >> next, it is not just george washington university students th
. >> the republican party is energized. it started in virginia, went to new jersey and then the massachusetts miracle -- absolutely, we think we can replicate that here in maryland. >> they're hoping that their message will do well received in a state where registered democrats outnumber republicans by a ratio of two to one. >> i think they have been had by the governor, by the president, by mr. hoyer, the whole thing. we have been sold out. >> i actually grew up in public housing, but we were never taught that anybody you that -- oh does anything. i'm getting tired -- that anybody owed us anything. and getting tired of that. and i do not hear them talking about the things we really do need. >> governor ehrlich is obviously our best chance. he has name recognition. he does not have to spend a penny on that. that is a big plus. but we need to make sure that there is a checks and balances in that government. it does not matter if you're a democrat, an independent, or a republican. you have to have checks and balances. >> there's also a lot of optimism about the expected race in maryland's first congres
be turning in their favor. >> the republican party is energized. it is pumped. it started in virginia, went to new jersey, and that the massachusetts miracle -- absolutely we think we can replicate that in maryland. >> the rematch with gov. martin o'malley is clearly welcomed here. >> he has name recognition. he does not have to spend a penny on name recognition, and that is a big plus. we need to make sure that there is a, again, a check and balance in our government. it does not matter if you're a democrat, an independent or republican, you have to have checks and balances. >> i think we are ready to take our country back. i have lived in maryland my entire life and i'm tired of being run by democrats since 1886. time for a big change. >> i like the governor. i have campaigned for him before and plan to campaign for him again. >> the hope is that their message can take hold in maryland. >> we were never taught that anybody 0 does anything. i'm getting tired of that. -- that anybody owed us anything. and getting tired of that. and they're talking about cutting things like firemen and teach
. >>> and the hunt for an attacker just virginia, authorities say the girls are having rabies shots. they say the dog was attacking before it was taken to a vet's office. >>> and christians celebrating the death of jesus, but sins weigh heavily in the catholic church tonight. the pope didn't mention the controversy regarding claims and the bishop. a high ranking cardinals claimed that there was petty talk. >>> and here in d.c., standing room only at the shrine. the archbishop celebrated mass telling the congregation that the pope needs their prayers. but in this town there were lots of other opinions. >> we as old catholics, we saw something coming down the line. but we really -- we don't want to face up to it. >> i would tell them to pray and have faith and don't let nothing stand in his way. and we know god got our back. >> the bishop says that catholics should keep victims of abuse in their prayers. he also answers regarding the criticism in the washington post. >>> up next, did you see it? a one- tribute to van gogh. what students used for this art. >>> and mother nature serving up a masterpiece
in west virginia. the blast happened minutes ago 30 miles south of charleston. according to a state mining official six people dead, 21 others unaccounted for at this hour. we'll give you new details as they come in. >>> montgomery police grieving the loss of one of their own, hector ayala. he was in his patrol car when he swerved off the road and hit a tree. today fellow officers paid tribute to their fallen colleague and friend. >>department lost one hell of an officer. i lost one hell of a friend. i told him that i wanted to build my career following in his footsteps. >> ayala's fellow officers are encouraging friends and co-workers to write a story about him so his children who never got to know him will at least have something to remind them of the man, father and officer he was and would have been. >>> new information in a homegrown terror plot. the american-born woman known as jihad jane set to make her first court appearance facing federal charges. >> stomp your foot and it's measured like they measure an earthquake. the world has seen a lot of quakes lately. i'm beth park
number of democrats and independent especially virginia beach virginia and connecticut. >> is there anything else you consulted? >> that is a great question. i think democracy and america, was one of the great books of all time and some of the collor part to as part of the movement. that was probably the other book that was most influential 2/7 thank you for your time. >> guest: it is a great political service and one of the great innovations of broadcast history. >> host: we will now speak with jonathan. how was it going with the new book? what is about? >> philosophical principles of modern conservatism in modern america. >> guest: what does that mean to you? >> and the book i discuss how there are some many different types of abuse neo conservative, of fiscal conservatism all of these differing groups but four things that unite them all except -- respect for a constitution, at limit government and for some responsibility. >> host: how will you? and tell us how you got started? >> i got involved in politics at nine years old because of the judicial filibuster on the n
writings appeared in "the new york times" magazine and columbia journalism review. the virginia festival of the book hosted this event. to find out more, visit >>> matthew crawford, would you do for a living? >> in number of things. one of them is fix motorcycles, and that's kind of what the book is about. but more broadly, it is an attempt to speak up for the manual trades and suggest that can be a life worth choosing. >> where is your motorcycle shop? >> it's in richmond, virginia. >> what is it called? >> shockomoto. i work on japanese and british bikes. these are mostly vintage bikes, vintage cache that makes people willing to spend money on them and it's a very small operation. islamic any reason in particular that you don't work on harleys? [laughter] >> yeah, people ask me sometimes why i don't work on harleys, and why generally say is i work on motorcycles, not lifestyles. i'm not qualified to help them with their lifestyle issues, it is beyond my competence. >> what is soulcraft? >> the title on the book is a play on a george will that cannot 20 years ago. his was st
-universal television >>> good evening. we begin with a breaking news story out of west virginia where there has been an accident and apparent explosion in a coal mine. getting coal out of the ground is a daily part of life in that part of the country. it appears disaster has struck the mining industry once again. ron allen has been following this story since the first word of possible loss of life and miners trapped underground. >> reporter: it is difficult to tell exactly what has happened. an explosion in a coal mine can be a difficult and deathly situation. 21 miners are unaccounted for. a mine run by the performance coal company. the explosion happened around 3:30 eastern time. emergency crews and state investigators are racing to the scene to figure out exactly what has happened. families of the miners are also certainly hoping for the best possible news and fearing the worst and gathering for word about the situation. coal mines like this one in west virginia tend to be in close-nit communities where generations of families have worked the mines. it is unknown exactly how many are trapped, how
on the board of arizona critics circle and spoke recently at the virginia festival of the book in charlottesville. this is a half-hour. >> rebecca skloot, who is henrietta? >> she was a poor african-american firmer who was raised in southern virginia and eventually moved up to virginia for she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. and without her knowledge her doctor put a small piece of her tumor and put in a petri dish and herself became the first immortal cell line and culture. sanka seven tragical cells for decades and no one knows entirely while, but roosters never die. her cells are still alive today growing in laboratories around the world, though she died in 1951 and they became one of the most important things that happen in medicine. there will how to develop the polio vaccines in one of the space missions. or so for the first conquered urging some of the first match, the scientific and mexican from the solstice go on and on. >> and their subpoenas today? connect behalf. >> what is this outline? >> a cell line is their souls to live in the laboratory and grow indefinite
>>> to >>> tonight on world news, breaking news. there has been a mine explosion in west virginia, many are dead and missing. >>> maximum penalty, the government fines toyota for hiding safety defects. >>> earthquake in southern california. does this mean the next big one is coming? >>> and tiger returns. tiger woods at the masters talking about drugs, injuries and the reaction of the crowds. >>> good evening. as we come on the air tonight, we begin with breaking news. a mine disaster in west virginia. at least half a dozen miners confirmed dead. many more are missing. david muir has been taking in all the lateers reports. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the west virginia state police. they confirm the explosion happened at the massey energy upper big branch mine. that is south of charleston. here are the numbers as they're coming into the associated press. x miners killed. 21 unaccounted for. just within the last couple of days, the top federal agency that looks into the mine safety in this country said more needed to be done since sago. the high tech equipment that w
mine in whitesville, west virginia. for a locator, that's about an hour south of the capital of charleston. a state mining official in west virginia confirms six miners are dead, 21 others still unaccounted for and may be trapped. rescue workers, we're told, are on the scene at the upper big branch south mine which is opened by massie energy's performance coal company. this disaster comes four years and a few months after tragedy of is the sago coal mine in the eastern part of west virginia. in that accident 12 miners were killed, one survived after an explosion likely caused by a lightning strike. after say go-- and this is important-- a number of safety changes were implemented. including requirements coal companies provide additional emergency air supplies, better communications, better equipment and tracking devices. at this point, we have no idea what caused today's accident but we will tell you there have been three fatalities in the last dozen or so years at the very same mine. harry? >> smith: bob orr in washington, thanks very much. now the long-anticipated return of
of a deadly mine explosion in raleigh county, west virginia. at least six people are confirmed dead. roughly two dozen miners are still trapped. we'll follow the breaking story and bring you updates throughout this hour on msnbc. >>> coming up, michael steele threw down the race card today and the white house is calling his bluff with a great comment. the reverend al sharpton will be here to break it down at the bottom of the hour. >>> plus, tiger is taking augusta by the tail. he was one smooth operator today in front of the reporters. he was a standup guy, i thought. staring down questions about performance-enhancing drugs and all of his personal issues. we'll get to that with steven a. smith tonight. he'll be here to see if he made the cut, that's coming up in the "playbook." >>> and a red state hater crash burns in the "zone." you won't want to miss this one. flirting with the taliban. what's that all about? stay with us. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. a
allergies bothering you? it could be the tree pollen. elkins, west virginia, temperatures in the upper 40's. we do have a frontal system. parts of iowa, missouri, lower michigan, northern indiana, this is going to remain to the north. the weather associated with it as well away from us. temperatures only in the middle 70's, but by this moving off, look for temperatures to soar, especially on tuesday and wednesday. they will probably break some records. 84 degrees on wednesday. i have a feeling we will hit the middle to upper 80's to near 90 degrees. mostly clear out to the west of us. another mild day tomorrow. a few scattered showers will to the north korea western pennsylvania, ohio, the panhandle of maryland -- well to the north be a western pennsylvania, ohio, the panhandle of maryland. we do well to the north. western pennsylvania, ohio. we do well to the north -- well to the north. tuesday into wednesday, we are going to look for temperatures that will remain above average. that is at least until the cold front arrives. temperatures in the upper 70's. >> get that sunscreen out. amazin
for oil of the coast of virginia faces two major obstacles. activities throughout the vast leasing area. some are potentially hazardous. those issues will be looked at before any drilling occurs. >>> we now know where gilbert arenas will serve part of this sentence. he will be in montgomery county near the white flint mall. he will spend two days at the detention center. michelle >>> obama will speak at the george washington university graduation next month. she issued a challenge that if they log one entered thousand hours of volunteer service, she would be the commencement speaker. the university has now met its goal. >>> 5:49. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's start off with the best news of the day. >> we love it. >> the weather. it was great over the weekend. there was pollen in the air. a few more clouds today. by midweek, which could be pushing 90 in some places. then it will pull back off. some thunder boomers could be in the mix. these are the cherry blossoms. you can see the washington monument and the background. the blossoms will stick around. last we
virginia, this hour. 60's at reagan national. the same for richmond. miami looking at 72 degrees. it is hard to believe we had a cold front that moved through during the early-morning hours. a change of the wind direction. temperatures are actually warmer compared to what we had yesterday. from eyewall isla -- from iowa, tornado watches and a severe thunderstorm watch. no rain in our forecast at least until thursday. that is when a strong cold front will move through our area. satellite radar across the region, mostly clear skies out to the west of us. partly cloudy at the delmarva peninsula. this is what we expect tomorrow. another midol day. lots of sunshine. cooler air well to the north of us -- another mild day. sunshine for tomorrow. the baseball game, perfect, 75 to 80 degrees. here is the extended outlook. some humidity? yes, we are talking about humidity in april. upper 80's to around 90 on wednesday. here is the cold front. cooler, drier air towards the start of the upcoming weekend. lucky days. >>> hopefully, it is lucky for the nationals. >>> coming up on abc7 news at
the bulldogs, duke. the blue devils seeking a fourth national championship. duke has decimated west virginia on saturday. butler plays a rather slow, plodding offense of style. getting this far is an absolute dream for a school from the verizon conference, and maybe a little overwhelming. head coach brad stevens chair -- shares opposed the moment with his wife. >> she was just kind of staring at the wall. when i walked in, she's there at me like, you guys are playing for the national championship. i said yes, but we are playing duke. >> butler knows they can win monday night. the women's final four underway. oklahoma vs. stanford. we get up in the second half. the cardinals building a big lead, but paying a big price. the sooners make a valiant effort coming back. robinson driving this court in a three-point game, but the cardinals break free. 38 points and the clinching play up. stanford on to the title game, likely to play conn. 73-66 was the final there tonight. a quite easter sunday, but tomorrow tiger woods will face the media. the final round of the houston open today, anthony him lead
at the end of 2009. i had $8 million that we were able to husband after spending on new jersey, virginia and massachusetts. along with 37 other special elections around the country for state legislatures, mayors, offices and the like. so we have managed the money in a way that has allowed to us compete in some races that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to compete in. where we have all begun to put controls in place is on the spending, with respect to the types of events that our finance department has been putting on, where have the white house and both houses in congress. that's no longer the standard that we've been trying to get them to adjust to. a lot of these -- a lot of our donors, major donors are used to a particular type of event. we've been scaling those back. so i think a lot of this has really kind of taken it a lot further down the road and blowing it up larger than it needs to be. at the end of the day, i've raised more money than the democrats in 7 out of 12 months. i carry over the same amount of money as thenc into 2010. we had a very good march. we'll have a very
on what was then his finance fundraising staff for 1986 reelection campaign in alexandria, virginia. and i gladly took that job, having no other alternative. [laughter] >> so, and in march of that year, senator dole having been elected majority leader the prior year spent a lot of his weekends campaigning for others. and so there was a need identified for someone who was available on weekends, would work 7 days a week, i think i had the added advantage of being a fellow kansan, i was asked to go on the campaign trail in early 1966. -- 1986. we hit it off and had a good personal relationship. i proceeded to travel with him around the united states and abroad for the next 15 years. so during that period, i have a number of roles. all of with the one exception which were for his campaign committees. i worked as his personal aide or as jonathan referred to the body man or body boy in his '88 presidential campaign. in '89 i came back here to kansas and managed his senate field offices. and in 1992, i managed his final reelection campaign to the senate. and following that, i helped to manage his
not want to shove him out. >> host: joining us from virginia beach go-ahead. >> caller: it is so wonderful to talk to you mr. dean for car watched watergates in my early fifties one thing i have not heard about is loss of mitchell i used to watch this program and they said she was drugged and kidnapped and sent to california because she was talking too much. is that true? am i she was in california when that happens. i like martha and knew her well. she was a wonderful terming personality and southern and always the life of a party but unfortunately she had a drinking problem. if she had martinis she would give of the phone and most of the things she said were terribly a century and and that was a sad part but it sheet is well remembered. >> ahead. thank you mr. dean for coming onto c-span and also when you are on the road but my question relates to your book which is fantastic and i appreciate that. i often ask my friends like you said why don't they take the republican party back? i wonder that it seems they narrow their focus on who can participate in their politics to the point* where
virginia, rebecca discusses her book, quote could be immortal life of
the backup leaving d.c. toward virginia. 395 slowing in separate stretches at edsel road and duke street and again at the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> we have two big stories in sports today. it should have been about opening day for the washington nationals but in a late night deal the redskins nabbed donovan mcnabb. some using the s-word, as in superbowl. dave is live with the donovan deal. >> reporter: can you believe that. you get donovan mcnabb and people start talking about superbowl less than 24 hours later. but that is the type of excitement bringing to the quarterback position. and who knows, people have turned around a season in less than a year, so maybe getting the signing could be the big start to something for the washington redskins. let's look at what he brings to the washington redskins and it brings a wealth of experience. 11 years he spent in philadelphia and six times he went to the probowl. that's pretty amazing. five times they played in the nfc champion game. they only won one of those and going to the superwl and losing to
. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> we are following some breaking news out of west virginia. six people are dead and 21, unaccounted for, following an explosion at a mine near charles ston. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon, at an underground coal mine. 30 miles south of charleston. we have no other information available right now. we will bring you more as soon as it comes in. >>> the maryland general assembly is getting down to the wire with less than a week until sine die. lawmakers are doing everything they can to push through important legislation. derek valcourt reports on the legislation today. >> reporter: a couple of thousand bills introduced at the start of the session. but so far, only a few dozen have made it out of both chambers. for the rest of the bills, it comes down to the wire. >> for lawmakers in annapolis, this is when things start getting hectic. >> there's always a rush at the end. if it were 60 days, it would be the same, i think. >> reporter: and right now, there's lots of unfinished business. maryland's teachers waiting to find out if they will extend the two-year probationary period, befo
, maryland, virginia and the federal government came together on capitol hill to talk about the response. >> depending on where you were you got somewhere between 30 and like 50 inches of snow depending on if you were in virginia or up in maryland and in the district, quite a range. i don't want to speak for anybody else but i don't think anybody was ready for that. >> the back-to-back blizzards closed schools and even the federal government. the record snowfall broke records more than 100 years old. >>> called the miracle rescue. crews saved 115 miners trapped for over a week in a flooded coal mine in china. some ate saw dust and strapped themselves to the walls with their belts to avoid drowning while they slept. 26 of them are in serious condition but amazingly none critical. the rescue work is not over ye 38 miners still trapped in the shaft. rescuers are confident though they can be saved. >> miracle an appropriate word. >>> a metro bus driver under arrest. you have to hear what police say he tried to do behind the wheel of that bus. >> a police off
and that is causing some dehass as you travel out of d.c. heading into virginia. no accidents to report traveling eastbound on 66 leaving manassas towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> the super bowl, all the way to the super bowl. all we needed is a good quarterback. we have great receivers. >> amazing what one move will make from almost worst to first, redskins fans now dreaming of the playoffs and maybe the super bowl once again after the burgundy and gold picked up rival quarterback donovan mcnabb. it is a big day also for your washington nationals. >> it is opening day. dave ross has an opening day preview and all to talk more about this big trade. is it a good deal for the skin in. >> i think so. like you guys just said, you've got fans talking about the super bowl. the guy hasn't put on a jarsy yet officially. that is what you happen when you get a guy like don haven't macnab. could have you a bigger sports day? i don't think you can. but we'll start with donovan mcnabb and exactly what are the trade details? let's take a look at them. a simple deal actuall
the result of the election. wasn't even close. this is a guy that won indiana, north carolina, virginia, he's a democrat. and this whole idea of delegislate tizing him -- >> i think you and i are about the same. i think we're older than you. the kids don't understand rush limbaugh. they think he is one of us. this talk of being out, you're black. if you're in, you're white. >> that's the name and the father and it's all mixed up in some jumble of rumor and this started -- >> do you think the limbaugh audience, not knocking anybody on the radio and he's a great entertainer and he is a smart guy about what he is doing and could it be they're listening to him and mad at the kids because the kids disagree with him. they want the health care bill. >> i think some of them are -- >> the kids voted for him. >> i think some are mad at a lot of things, chris. maybe the kids, too. >> their boss, wives. i have a whole theory. i believe that rush limbaugh is basically a support group for traveling sales men. the boss gives him a higher quota. the wife doesn't appreciate him. the only person that roots f
of recruits that we have to new jersey and virginia much like '93 and 2005 they were early indicators of where the country is going. the country is frustrated and angry at the arrogance of washington. doesn't mean they are happy republicans but he are upset with the arrogance of washington. i think republicans have an opportunity. when you look at the election it is not just about politics. i do want republicans to do well but this is really more importantly about america. i'm very proud to be an american. i want my children to have that pride. i want every child to have that pride. this is about the direction of where america is going to go. >> chris: when you talk about the arrogance of washington, are you suggesting that more than the economy, more than healthcare or even the reach of government that this general distaste with the arrogance or the overreach of washington as you call it, that that is really going to be the key issue in november? >> i think it's going to be about jobs. it's going to be about liberty. it going to be about listening to the individual and hope and prosperity. do
. this is a guy that won indiana, north carolina, virginia, he's a democrat. and this whole idea of de-lidge mizing him, i think it speaks to their own -- >> let me just tell you, i may not be the oldest guy here. i think we're about the same. i think we're older than you. if you talk about your kids today, they don't know what we're talking about. they don't understand the way limbaugh's talking. they think he's one of us. there's no question about it. this talk of being out, you're black. if you're in, you're white. that's old talk. that's your grandparent's talking. >> that's the name and the father and it's all mixed up in some jumble of rumor and this started -- >> do you think the limbaugh audience, not knocking anybody that listens to radio because he is a great entertainer and a smart guy about what he's doing, but could it be these people listening to him on the radio are just mad at their kids because their kids disagree with them? the kids don't think this guy's illegitimate. the kids want the health care bill. the kids voted for him. >> i think some of them are mad at a lot
. there are little things like when the state of virginia put its driver's license process online, you know, this was a great thing. you didn't have to go to the dmv to stand in line anymore. the city of alexandria where i happen to live though i spend most of my time working in new w jersey and new york, but you can go online and see your property tax things for your car and your home, and it's terrific. it just makes doing business with the government so much easier. government, in a sense, can encourage adoption by doing those things, by using the tools that are available. the broadband plan focuses on that. using broadband in education, using broadband to conserve energy, using broadband to make our transportation system smarter, using broadband in order to improve the delivery of health care services. so government's role in encouraging the use of this technology and, frankly, updating government is a terrific thing. the other place where i think government has a role to play is the private sector with all of its investment is not reaching some citizens. there is a role for government
to 109. crawling a little bit on 95 in virginia. delays out of woodbridge to get into springfield. metro rail reporting they are on normal service. back to alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> we are about 10 minutes from the next trip to the international space station. this is the shuttle discovery. liftoff is scheduled for 6:21 and it has been given the ok for launch. only four more shuttle flights remain. >>> 6:12, 50 four degrees. >> in the report about >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> in our top stories, the redskins have a new phase of the franchise. the team will get donovan mcnabb from the eagles in exchange for two draft picks. he has spent his entire nfl career in philadelphia. mike shanahan called mcnabb an accomplice quarterback who has a proven track record. at least two people have been dead as a result of a powerful earthquake in california. it damaged buildings in mexico. there are reports of si
the process of applications. >> in virginia, we have a tough budget situation. and there's consideration being given to dispensing with school breakfast. can someone say how important the school breakfast program is. >> i can certainly do that. i have been involved in a number of districts where we have had programs that we have expanded breakfast through grab and go breakfast, breakfast in the classroom, and, you know, our teachers are our best advocates for it because what they see is that their students are more attentive in the classroom. there are less students going to the nurse's office because they're hungry and there's research to show especially when it comes to analytical skills and math and science, they're able to mentally be able to accept all those concepts a lot easier when they have had breakfast. >> thank you. >> i thank you, mr. chairman. and i thank all of you for your testimony today. ms. rivas, the u.s. healthcare cost due to obesity is estimated to be about $150 billion a year. half of which is paid through medicare and medicaid. with nearly 1 of every 6 dollars of our e
>> who was henrietta lacks? >> pour tobacco four raised in virginia and moved to baltimore where she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and 30 and without her knowledge her doctor took a small piece of her tumor and put it in a petri dish and the cells became the first immortal cells in culture. scientists had been trying to grow cells for decades and it never worked. no one knows entirely white hearse never died. her cells are still alive today growing in laboratories around a while ago she died in 1951. and they became one of the most important things that happened in medicine and they were used to help the polio vaccine. they went up in the first space mission to see what would happen at schuman's be 18 in zero gravity. her jeans were the first map. the scientific maps that can go on and on. >> and they are still used today? >> still one of the widely used. yes. >> and what is a cell line? >> the hour cells that live in the laboratory and grow indefinitely, so basically they will keep growing and multiplying and living outside of the body as long as you keep them safe and clea
up tant, virginia, when we were in school, we would visit with him. it was very impressive. here was this have tall, handsome figure who you'd walk down the senate corer thes with him, and he'd create a wake with the various, you know, police people and other people giving him way. he'd take us around the senate. he drove a 1957, at that time, thunderbird that was geared up like it was the at that time was cleared up like it was the cockpit of an airplane. it had more gadgets and stuff, so for a teenage boy, and being a teenager, he was a man's man and a great figure and charismatic person for a young guy. one of the words that comes up . explain. >> guest: pure goldwater to put it in context is just that. i had read the senator's autobiographical works where he had worked with co-authors and i don't think they ever found this material and years later talking to him he told me he had taken a lot of material he had composed over the years and put it in the historical foundation. i haven't seen that in his books and when we were going to do another project i realized at that time i
of the people. >> you've got the attorneys general of both virginia and mccollum in florida who claim they want to bring a case, let the supreme court decide. by the way, it was mitt romney who supported this, scott brown, the so-called tea party candidate who supported this, forcing people to have health care, so republicans, all the way back to richard nixon had a plan to make health care mandatory. megyn: we'll be watching mitt romney when he probably will be watching for -- will be probably running for president, defending that. >> we will. megyn: folks, are you wondering where the good jobs are? you may want to high tail it to washington, d.c. new details on how rewarding it is to work for urk ul sam. >>> within the hour, we'll show you what questions for tiger woods americans most want to have him answer. >>> new developments in the court case of the four conservative activists who are looking to make a point in the health care debate. wait until you hear what's happening with this guy. megyn: this is a fox news alert. new details coming in right now on the attack against a u.s. embassy
't give you wide open shots. duke had a great shooting game against west virginia. if butler keeps the big guys off the offensive boards they've got a chance. they have a chance, i swear it. >> shepard: the last butler win was quite impressive. i just didn't expect them to be able to -- you talk about a tradition rich program, tom i see -- izzo. >> he said it best, he said butler played smash mouth basketball. he said i'm a butler fine. >> much the way the flyers played in madison square gardens i just read that just a moment ago, they offered coach k 15 million-dollar to come coach for the nets. he turned it down? >> well, money doesn't buy happiness. i would want a garn tela wrong james was coming. coach k has a good thing going in durham. >> you can say that. we'll be back tonight for the "fox report." after the commercial, mr. neil. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key
county, west virginia. tough story. state mining officials say six are dead and 21 people are still missing. massey says information regarding injuries is uncertain at this time. rescue teams and state and federal authorities are responding. as you can see from this chart, massey's stock dipped about 4% when the news came out at the end of the after hours session. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. this is a very difficult coal mining accident story. all right. tomorrow morning, by the way, here on cnbc, be sure to catch steve liesman, he's got an interview with jeffrey lacquer of the richmond fed on "squawk box" at 7:00 a.m. so get up early and watch steve liesman. >>> coming up here, tiger speaks at a masters news conference, but i want to know is he going to hit a 12 step meeting today or this evening? darren rovell will join us when the kudlow report comes right back and we'll talk tea party later in the program. what are their key planks to wake up the republicans? you're watch of watching cnbc, first in business worldwide. >>> in other news, the treasury department is bo
it. i'll be there. let's go to patricia in virginia! patricia! >> caller: boo-yah from charlottesville, jim. >> charlottesville. >> caller: my stock is halliburton, hal. >> let me give you a jeffersonian answer. i think that stock's created eke well a lot of other drilling companies. i know they're doing some terrific -- [ buzzer ] oh, come on. this isn't abe lincoln. i'm talking about jefferson. the guy on the nickel. let me tell you something. that guy, that's so fabulous, i've got to recommend the stock. jonathan in florida. jonathan. jonathan? >> caller: yes. >> you're up, jonathan. hit me! >> caller: jim, big boo-yah from hurricane country, miami, florida. >> wow. >> caller: yeah. you're a crazy nut, but i love it. listen, i know you're not a fan -- >> now, wait a second! wait a second! i think i'm a ridiculously crazy nut. i resent the implication. >> caller: don't resent it because you're the man, baby. listen -- >> okay. thank you. >> caller: i know you're not a fan of china right now. but cagt. china agritech. >> i've been a believer ever since i realized when
's -- success has a thousand fathers. we won in virginia, new jersey, massachusetts, you can't cut him out of those success stories. he can raise his hand when folks say who was responsible for -- >> neil: you don't think he should step down? >> no. i think he ought to right the ship but i can tell you if, he he -- if he starts to say the criticism a raced based, that's going to fan the flames. you don't see barack obama saying this opposition is solely because of my race. it's -- >> neil: to be fair, a lot of his people do, his supporters do but that's neither -- go ahead. >> michael should let somebody else say that. >> ken, thank you very much, good seeing you. >> thank you, sir. >> neil: how knew how in 2001 a space odyssey was sam, uncle sam. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... cave
, the district of maryland and virginia, the peace authority. >> thousand for that. the thank you for that. >>> and an officer was killed when he lost control of his cruiser earlier this road on randolph road in wheaton. he was on the way to the office to report a fight. the name is not released. he was 31 years old and a veteran of the force. he has a wife and one-year-old child. >>> and a warning tonight from senator lieberman, what he said needs to be done to secure the rails. >>> and christians celebrating easter sunday, while a dark cloud is hanging over the church. we have more on that. >>> and we're staying on top of the redskins news, mcnabb traded to the skin. new information and reaction as it comes into our news room. we'll be right back but not a moment too soon, right? howard and linda were saving for natalie's college since she was born. she's going to need a lot of stuff. those everyday things we didn't plan on. so we showed them how wachovia's way2save program could help. ♪ every time they swipe their check card to make a purchase, a dollar is automatically transferred f
" reported recently quoting a democrat from virginia saying this, we should have gone in and done the kind of stimulus that would actually turn the economy around. we ended up with something that was strong enough to prevent a depression. but it just wasn't strong enough to stimulate the recovery. would you concede that it didn't do as much as you thought it would have done to spark recovery? >> absolutely not. i think it has done exactly what we said it would do. and i think -- >> clearly it didn't do what you said it would do, which is to keep unemployment at 8%. >> what we said it would do, to save or create some 3.5 million jobs. it's absolutely on track to do that. i think it's a big part because the reason we've seen, as the president said, we're beginning to turn the corner. experts across the ideological spectrum give the recovery act a lot of credit for the dramatic change in the trajectory that we have seen. it has absolutely supported unemployed workers, absolutely helped state and local governments. we are investing in this country in a way that is helping to create jobs and ma
, blowing out west virginia. butler squeaked by michigan state. now, this may not be hoosiers but you can definitely call tonight's game david versus goliath. >> makes me feel good. david won. so, you know, i don't know -- i think certainly duke is goliath. when you look at college basketball, again, they've been -- they've set a standard for everyone else over the last, really, 25-plus years. over the course of -- ever since i've been watching basketball, coach k. and duke have been one of the prememinent countries. >> it will be a surprise if butler pulls it off. who knows. >> is there any way, even if they slow them down with their halfcourt game, is there any way at all that butler can keep this game close against duke? >> they can keep it close, by wearing them down, good defense. you watched duke that night, they don't have the superstar, the lottery pick guys they've had over past championship years but they're playing incredibly well as a team. it would be a big surprise if butler won but they're playing at home. you never know. >> duke just absolutely dismantled a very good west
west virginia. >> the whole country is going to be for butler except for the harwood household. what's your final score tonight? dukey? >> i just have to hope that as the underdog, duke can hang in there against the forces of the entire world. we'll do our best, you know. >> thanks very much. john harwood. see you tomorrow. >>> up next, ipad mania. they lined up. they paid up. is it the next ipod? what will that mean for apple's stock? it's already up a lot. we got a team to talk about it. >>> meanwhile, check out how shares of apple are trading right now. we have apple shares up about half a percent, up $1.28. geico's been saving people money and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. i've been growing algae for 35 years. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in bl
, today is april 5th. back today in 1614, pocahontas married john ross in virginia. george washington casted the first veto in presidential history killing a bill that would reapportion seats in the house of reps. the number one song in america was "blue moon." allergies? chlor-trimeton. hey, one dose of this, six hour relief. chlor-trimeton relieves itchy, watery eyes and sneezing for 12 full hours with less drowsiness than benadryl. it does all that? chlor-trimeton. less drowsy relief that lasts 12 hours. at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) >> answer to the trivia question of the day, peter king, the winner is kevin in louisiana. congratulations to all. >> each year in the united states over 1.6 million teens run away from home. thousands of them will be exploited or even killed. one man has made it his mission to find them before that happens. >> guess what? they're here. it's a new real life series called "rescue squad". it follows his team as they track and resc
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